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Mom’s February Virtual Family Home Evening

In church Sunday, Melanie Goettsche talked about holding Family Home Evening.  She was honest and explained that they hadn’t been having these nights but that the assignment prompted them to change.  In making the change she looked at her time attending FHE when in a Single’s Ward.  The meetings were held at the Bishop’s home.  She said that she can’t remember what the lessons were or the treats or anything else about the evenings but she does remember feeling the Spirit in the home.  This has prompted me to think about how I can bring the Spirit into our home.

On Sunday afternoon we had choir practice in our living room. At the same time we are in the midst of construction due to a water leak.  The house does not look great.  But as the choir sang about trying to be like Jesus I recognized the Spirit that enters these house when these wonderful people come and testify through song.  Then last night we had the missionaries over to teach us.  Their message was simple and nothing I didn’t know.  But again I recognized the Spirit they brought with them.  

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a SpiritMeter on the wall. I find then when I read the scriptures diligently that I feel an increase in the Spirit.  Yesterday Kyle was singing hymn while in the shower.  I noticed an increase in the Spirit.  I realize that it is many little things that we do that brings an increase in the Spirit.  

What are some of the ways that you  bring the Spirit into your home. } else {d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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