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Shirley thinks you can do it.

on 10 October 2015

This is what I shared with my Pathway class this week.  I share this here as a tribute to Shirley Jones and all that she has taught me…not about flowers but in how to encourage people and help them find hideen talents.


 I Am A Floral Arranger

My grandmother might laugh if she read that caption.  She once brought me some flowers which I stuck in a vase, she sighed, pulled them all out and rearranged them. I knew I was not good at creative things. I have a scientific brain and I know that I am not the creative one.  But wait that is not true. Let me tell you about my journey to being a flower arranger.

We have a wonderful lady in our ward who took the time to take a flower arranging class when her youngest son started in kindergarten.  She became pretty good but I don’t think she has ever earned any money at her skill.  She shares her new talent by doing arrangements for weddings, funerals, visiting teaching etc and she transforms people like me into her assistants.  The first time I showed up I expected to cut a few stems.  Instead she put me in front of an empty vase and told me that I could make the arrangement. Was she crazy?  Didn’t she know what my grandmother knew. I am not creative and should not be allowed out of the science lab.

What she did know is that if you explore and learn that people will find hidden talents and with encouragement can find the confidence to learn new skills.  Most of the flowers in the above photos were arranged by me.  In fact when my daughter was married in Palmyra and I lived in California Shirley taught me how to do the arrangements and I did all the flowers for the wedding. (It saved me a ton of money)

This week you will be exploring career options.  For some you may already know exactly what talents and skills you have and this may seem like a pointless exercise.  But maybe you have hidden talents that you are not aware of that might not become a career choice but when developed could bless the lives of others.  I challenge you to have an open mind with this activity and push yourself to find your hidden talents.

A friend related that when her son received his patriarchal blessing that he was told about many talents that he had.  Afterward the patriarch told him that if he had other talents that he wanted that he could choose to develop them. One of the promises of living the Word of Wisdom is found in verse 19 where we are told that we “shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures”.   What hidden knowledge do you have that you can find as you develop talents that you don’t now realize that you can have?  Have fun exploring this week.

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  1. Brittny Hansen says:

    Love it. It’s easy to say “I can’t” it’s harder to admit, “I haven’t put in the effort to try.”

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