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on 5 July 2015

Today in Sunday School our lesson was on the Sabbath.  During the lesson Brother Paris played the talk given by Elder Russell Nelson at the conclusion of General Conference.  He gave us note cards and pencils and asked us to write down what the Spirit taught us.  One of the impressions that I felt was that I need to teach my family what I know about the Sabbath and to invite us all to share with one another.

Rather than send you out a long sermon I invite you to listen to Elder Nelson’s talk  and as you watch please listen to what the Spirit tells you to that you should or should not do and then report back with what you have learned.

Recently I was considering that maybe I have been too strict in my Sabbath Day observance.  It seemed that other families were doing great despite the fact that they were lax in how they observed the Sabbath.  As I was thinking this, Dad came home to tell me that the General Authorities spent all of their training time with the Apostles this past conference discussing how they can help the members return to observing the Sabbath Day more perfectly and that Bishops and Ward Councils need to spend considerable time working to teach the members.

So I invite you to join with me to discuss how we as a family can more fully keep the Sabbath Day holy and make it a delight.  I love the Sabbath for the the time it gives me to stop and remember my Savior and to partake of the sacrament.




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