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The Lord is accepting of our service.

Today I was reading in 1 Nephi 19:6. Yes if you are keeping track of my progress you will realize that my project of reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish is going sloooowly. But I am learning. Because I am going so slowly; reading it out loud in Spanish and translating to English I am find the nuggets that I have missed before.
Anyway today I noticed this phrase.
“And now, if I do err, even did

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they err of old”.

This is Nephi speaking with regard to his commandment to write on plates. You might think that Nephi is just trying to excuse his faults but actually he goes on to explain that he is not justifying poor behavior but explains that he isn’t holding back from following the Lord’s commandment because he isn’t able to be perfect.
In our Church service we and others are asked to do things that we are not capable of being perfect at. The Lord constantly calls imperfect people and refines them as they work. The reminder that came to me very clearly is that since this is the Lord’s way then I need to be accepting of others and supportive as they struggle to serve in callings which are difficult for them. The Lord is merciful and accepts whatever we are capable of doing. This is a reminder to me to be gentle
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with other people and their faults and let the Lord judge what they are doing..

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The Mountain of the Lord

i am reading 1 Nephi 18 where Nephi describes building a boat that will carry his loved ones half way around the world. One of the biggest problems is that , oh wait, he is not a boat builder and he can’t enroll in ship building classes at the local college and no one lives nearby to teach him. The chapter comments that he doesn’t build “after the manner of men”. I guess there are two ways for him to learn then. First could be trial and error. The only

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problem with that method is that if he errs then all his family ends up on the bottom of the ocean.
The other option is to learn from the Lord. In verse 3 it says.”And I, Nephi, did go into the mount oft, and I did pray oft unto the Lord; wherefore the Lord showed unto me great things “
What struck me about this verse is that it can also describe a pattern for our lives. Do we go up to the “mount oft” to learn how to build our lives. The mountain of the Lord – the Temple- is available to all of us so that we can learn great things and know how to build our lives after the manner of God. We can build our lives on our own which will mean lots of learning by trial and error. Those lives will be after the manner of men. If we want to build our lives after the manner of God then we need to go to the” mount oft” so that He can teach us and guide us. These past two years we have tried to attend the Temple every week. It has been a time investment but the payback has been way more than the investment. Yes we have still had stormy periods in our life’s passage and some of those storms have been hurricane like but had we not had the guidance and strength that we received in the Temple those trials would have been harder to endure and we would not have learned how to overcome them.
What I learn as I attend The temple reminds me of my real purpose on this earth and helps me to make

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decisions on where I should spend my time. I encourage all of you to set a goal for regular temple attendance and to plan so that it is a priority. Sis Jones once taught us that she sits down at the start of each month and schedules her attendance because if you don’t make a regular plan you will find yourself adrift and not putting temple attendance as the priority that it should. It takes effort to ascend the mountain. It takes sacrifice of sleep and time but it is worth the effort. We are building lives that will carry families safely to their Eternal lives. The Lord can guide those lives so that no one sinks and everyone can have safe passage.

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